Rights and Responsibilities

As a customer of Roats Water System, you have certain rights and responsibilities. The water company's main responsibility is to provide you with reliable service at rates approved by the Public Utility Commission (PUC). Your responsibilities are to pay for the services you use, not to damage or tamper with the water company's facilities, and to notify the company if you move, if you wish to change your service or if you have a problem.

The following are descriptions of additional rights and obligations:

The water company will ask you to pay a deposit, and you may have the right to pay it in several installments.

You have the option to ask that another person receive your bills and notices if you are unable to receive or understand those bills and notices.

Before the water company can disconnect your service, the company must notify you. Written notice must be provided at least 5 days before service is to be disconnected. The company must also try to contact you on the day the disconnection is scheduled.

If you are unable to pay your water bill for a period of time and the company intends to shut off your service, you may be able to enter into a special payment agreement with the water company to pay the overdue amount over a period of time.

Customers are responsible for paying their water bills ON TIME. If payments are received in our office after the due date, the company may add a late payment charge of 1.8%.

If you have a dispute with the water company that is not resolved by contacting the company, the PUC's Consumer Services Division is available to help you at 1-800-522-2404.

If you wish to contact one of several organizations that offer help to consumers, the PUC Consumer Services Division maintains a list of organizations and how to contact them. That list is available by calling 1-800-522-2404.

If you have questions, please contact Roats Water System at 541-382-3029.